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Kamakura Beniya Kurumicco Factory

MAP 12 Sweets Factory, shop & Cafe

Throb and wakuwaku, pleasure and joy to feel in the palpitation and happiness, workshop with craftsman feeling to sweets using kurumi child that kurumi child feels in completed state…See. Taste. Experience.

There is much "Kamakura Beniya Kurumicco Factory" to be able to enjoy three factors at a time; send "the palpitation" saying "is delicious".


Kamakura Beniya Kurumicoo Factory

The Cafe standard menu


[Kurumicco Factory-limited]

 The Factory' s KurumicCAKE

650 yen (tax-excluded)


Cake which we put kurumi child caramel fresh cream and white chocolate cream on pancake which let maple syrup soak, and marmalade sauce and berry sauce, coarsely chopped kurumi child entered between layer.


It is limited product to be able to taste only in Kurumicco Factory.




The Factory' s kurumi child parfait

780 yen (tax-excluded)


We provide popular item "kurumi child parfait" at middle size most in Cafe in the second floor of the Kamakura Beniya Yahata Miyamae Head Office, "Salon de Kurummicco".


On coffee gelee, the chocolate mousse, we scattered walnut and powder of sable which we roasted and attached ice of salted caramel and milk and rebuilt kurumi child as parfait.



[Kurumicco Factory-limited]

Frappe of kurumi child caramel banana

680 yen (tax-excluded)


In frappe which we used one fully-ripe banana for, it is topping in caramel sauce of kurumi child.

We change into taste that is adult when we have you add espresso.





500 yen (tax-excluded)


We put in the cup mainly on part of corner "Mimi" who cut kurumi child baking in hall in factory in front of The Café and provide.


It is eatable special kurumi child every day simply because it is production factory immediate Cafe.





600 yen (tax-excluded)


Original latte using caramel sauce of kurumi child. You can choose HOT or COLD.




Matcha latte of Kamakura news

550 yen (tax-excluded)


Original latte which we finished in Matcha and condensed milk of Nishio who used for sable "Kamakura letter" which we sold in Kamakura Beniya. You can choose HOT or COLD.


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