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Announcement of business hours change

Announcement of business hours change


Thank you very much for favoring Yokohama hammerhead as always.


Our facility changes "securing of safe ・ relief of customer and employee" to having top priority partly for business hours and reopens self-restraint business.


We will try to be able to greet with perfect preparations as much as possible, but customer may cause inconvenience ・ inconvenience. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


■Business hours

Wednesday, July 1 - 11:00 OPEN

※Closing time varies according to each store


The details this (PDF)↓

★List of each hammerhead SHOP&RESTAURANT store business hours. pdf


■Parking lot

We squeeze number, and only the first parking lot ・ second parking lot will be open



*Yokohama municipal bus "peer line changes some diamonds, too" and does resumption of operation




Timetable this (PDF)↓

Peer line timetable. pdf


*It is this * about new coronavirus infectious disease measures in our facility