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[February] Hammerhead strawberry collection 2020 is held!

  • Period

    2020-02-01 Saturday ... 2020-02-29 Saturday

[February] Hammerhead strawberry collection 2020 is held!

Event "hammerhead strawberry collection 2020" in hall which we come to try for the first time after the opening of business of October 31, 2019 holding!


A lot of limited products including "Yokohama hammerhead" limitation sweets and cocktail using "strawberry" appear for one month for from Saturday, February 1 to Saturday, February 29.


During period, we light up the appearance of Yokohama hammerhead in red and offer fun device heaping up "hammerhead strawberry collection 2020" including limited campaign of official Instagram.




→As for the details, please see SHOP & NEWS of each shop from shop & restaurant [this]



*Yokohama hammerhead formula Instagram contribution campaign *

We present wonderful hammerhead-limited product to ten people from Yokohama hammerhead from person who had you participate in campaign.

①We respond in Yokohama hammerhead formula Instagram (@ yokohama_hammerhead)

②We take menu of hammerhead strawberry collection or photograph of the hammerhead appearance stained with strawberry color

③ ②We add # hammerhead strawberry collection # hammerheadstrawberrycollections to photograph of 'and post on Instagram



※We will tell elected candidate in DM of Instagram after March. In addition, we may introduce photograph which had you post in our HP ・ formula Instagram.




*February-only "strawberry color" light-up *


During "hammerhead strawberry collection 2020" period, we light red up the facility appearance.


*Yokohama red brick warehouse sponsorship "Yokohama Strawberry Festival 2020" *
We hold "Yokohama Strawberry Festival 2020" in neighborhood facility ・ Yokohama red brick warehouse during period of Sunday for from Thursday, February 6 to 16th. We hold event that featured the theme of "strawberry" in "Yokohama hammerhead" ・ "Yokohama red brick warehouse" others, neighborhood commercial facilities and by announcing each event in each facility, will heap up Minato Mirai area.




*It is * with Yokohama hammerhead

As for "Yokohama hammerhead" which citizen cooperates with Yokohama-shi, and new port Wharf passenger ship terminal company promotes, experience ・ bodily sensation-shaped commercial facilities "hammerhead SHOP&RESTAURANT" which featured the theme of "meal" in the core in passenger ship terminal facility (CIQ facility) is first Japanese compound facility consisting of international brand Hotel.


*Inquiry window * from "news media" about this matter
The "Yokohama hammerhead" public information secretariat

TEL: 03-6894-3200 FAX: 03-5413-3050

Mail: yokohama_hammerhead_pr@ssu.co.jp