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To customer accompanying pet

To customer accompanying pet

To customer accompanying pet


Mine with Yokohama hammerhead as always for profits

Thank you very much.


To have customer spend time comfortably,
We seem to look after the following rules

We would like.


Cart that face of pet does not appear about pet

You can enter by having you use carrier bag.

But entering a shop in each store,

You are not expected except terrace seat of some stores.


[store which is available for pet companion only for terrace seat]
1 ・ 2F Keyes Pacific grill
2F      L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele YOKOHAMA
2F     ・500kcal ・ Truffle Farm
2F      Bay side motion
2F      Colonialism beach

2F Kamakura Beniya Kurumicco Factory (2019.11.24 addition)


In addition, 2F terrace deck is to put reed

We can have you pass.
Please get nervous from perron on the use.



[other instructions]
・Guide dog, deaf person's dog, service dog in the hall; take, and is free

・Putting up pet on bench and table

 You are not expected.
・Excrement works in the responsibility of owner,

 Please cope.
・Store entrance and tree, fence henotsunagitomeya

 Please refrain from leaving.
・Restroom which general customer (people) uses

 It is hesitation ku that pet uses hand-washing

・Trouble, injury between pets in our facility,

 The death, equal no accident with bite to another person and dispute

 When we are assigned to this, we do not take any responsibility.