Access ・ parking lot

Access map


Address: 2-14-1, Shinkou, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi

It is the use by train

  • Minatomirai Line

    Bashamichi Station 10-minute walk/Minatomirai Station 12-minute walk

  • JR Line

    Sakuragicho Station 15-minute walk

It is the use by bus

  • New bus route "peer line" linking "large san kyokyakusen terminal" to "Sakuragicho Station" "Yokohama hammerhead" opening!

    Bus route Blue dot is mark
  • Information for bus platform

    JR Sakuragicho station square bus terminal Platform 4

It is the use by car

From the Metropolitan expressway Minato Mirai lamp exit about 1.5km

Notice of parking lot
  • The use time

    24 hours

  • Parking rate

    Weekdays 30 minutes 280 yen ※Only in the third parking lot weekdays up to 880 yen (until 24:00 on that day)

    Holiday 30 minutes 330 yen ※There is not maximum rate

  • The total accommodation number
    (the first parking lot - third parking lot)


    ※The first parking lot: One electric car charge stand

    ※We may change parking number ・ business hours at the time of ・ event at newly-arrived ship time.

Stationed-in-bike-race ticket service
  • Service contents

    We are free of charge by the use at 1 store 3,000 yen (tax-included) or more until one hour

    We are free of charge by the use at 1 store 5,000 yen (tax-included) or more until two hours

    Receipt adding up between other stores is impossible.

Please show "stationed-in-bike-race ticket" in the use store ・ check by all means.

※Only in the use store in JAPAN RAMEN FOOD HALL, possible adding up (we give a service in a mass in OCEAN BAR and give).

※Grant is impossible of service by information.

※Only purchase in hammerhead SHOP&RESTAURANT is targeted for service.

※The outside where purchase in neighborhood facility (Yokohama red brick warehouse, marine & walk, world porters) is targeted for service.

Guidance of bicycle parking lot

Motorcycle bicycle parking lot
  • Available time


  • The accommodation number

    Five (free)